Urban Musique – Blisters (Addictive Dub)

When it comes to electronic dance music, it seems house is South Africa’s favourite flavour, with a large following for the deeper side of the genre.
Given the prevalence of the style throughout the country and the sheer volume of producers and DJs, there is no shortage of talent from all corners of SA.

Jo’burg is a particular hot spot for quality house music and this track comes from DJ and production duo, Thabo Makua & Tumelo Mabelane, also known as ‘Urban Musique’.
Here they present a tech mix of their lighter original version. The ‘Addictive Dub’ doesn’t sway too far from the original in terms of arrangement, but is a more is a stripped back affair with a solid groove; while the bassline nods along and comes to the fore occasionally to give rise to the shuffling percussion and other new elements. A stylish way to start building the dance floor up.

Play it now on the Afronative Records Soundcloud page.

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